Azalea Belle Policies and Application Information

2017 Azalea Belle Application Information

Applications for the 2017 Cape Fear Garden Club, Inc. Azalea Belles © will be available to high school juniors and seniors on January 24, 2017 from members of the Cape Fear Garden Club (CFGC) or the Azalea Belle Committee.  Young ladies desiring to become a Belle should contact a member of the CFGC to ask if they will sponsor you and help you complete an application.  Juniors must have a CFGC member sponsor.  For Seniors ONLY: If you do not know a CFGC member, you may go to 1309 Honor Lane at 4:00  PM on January 24th. to be interviewed by the Belle Committee and receive an application from them.  Please refer to the Azalea Belle policy as posted on this website.  Continue to check our Azalea Belles page on Facebook and this website for the latest information on Belle Applications.

AZALEA BELLE POLICIES (adopted 2006; revised 2012)

  1. The Azalea Belle Committee is composed of members of the Cape Fear Garden Club (CFGC). The Belle Chairperson (1 Chairperson and at least 2 co-chairpersons) usually serve a 2-3 year term during which they oversee and direct the larger Belle Committee.
  2. The purpose of the Azalea Belle Committee is to assist the belle chairperson with the initial contacting of the belles, the dress fittings, the tea, the rehearsal, the ribbon cutting, and any other activities in which assistance is needed.
  3. At the January meeting of the Cape Fear Garden Club, the belle applications will be distributed to members of the Cape Fear Garden Club.
  4. Cape Fear Garden Club members may sponsor no more than 3 young ladies who meet the criteria* specified on the belle information sheet attached to the application. Sponsors are responsible for informing the belle and her parents of her responsibilities to the Garden Club.
  5. Young ladies applying in their senior year of high school who wish to be belles and do not have a garden club sponsor may apply through the belle chairperson. Her sponsor will be listed as “committee sponsored.” This policy allows a more diverse group of seniors to apply who may not know a club member personally. All junior applicants must be sponsored through a member of the Cape Fear Garden Club.
  6. The belle chairpersons will determine the number of belles needed for each garden tour based on the sizes of the gardens. The number may vary from year to year. In other words, there is no set number.
  7. Belle applications must be mailed to the address listed on the application and they must be postmarked by the date listed. Applications received after the set postmark date will not be considered.
  8. Belle selection will be conducted by the belle committee chairpersons according to the following guidelines listed in order of priority:
    A) Daughters and granddaughters of CFGC members will be given first priority regardless of where the girl resides.
    B) High school seniors who attend school or reside in New Hanover County.
    C) High school juniors who attend school or reside in New Hanover County. If there are more junior applications than slots available after placing the above, a random lottery will be conducted from the junior applicants by the belle chairmen.
    D) If any slots remain after placing the above, a lottery will be conducted by the belle chairperson from the applications of girls of appropriate age from surrounding counties.
  9. The belle chairmen will mail acceptance letters to the young ladies who are selected. Letters of regret will be mailed to those not selected. If a young lady is not selected, she will have to go through the application process again the following year if she wishes to be considered. There is no waiting list.
  10. The belle chairpersons will select the belles who will participate in the special activities (examples include but are not limited to: the Governor’s Press Conference in Raleigh, photo shoots for publicity, parade floats, the Queen’s arrival, etc.). When possible, daughters and granddaughters will be considered for these activities. However, it is not possible or fair to only place daughters and granddaughters in all of the special activities, so an effort will be made to spread this opportunity as much as possible among the group. Dressmakers and dress colors are other factors used in selecting which girls are selected to participate in any given activity.
  11.  The dressmakers for the belles are secured by the chairpersons annually. The chairpersons and the dressmakers will determine the dates for the fittings. Committee members will assist with the fittings. If a belle has her own gown or would like to have her own gown made by someone other than the designated dressmakers, she will have to have the pattern and fabric approved by the belle chairmen.
  12. These policies will remain in effect until the committee decides changes need to be made.

* Criteria:

Applications are accepted from young ladies who are in the 11th or 12th grade and who reside in or attend school in New Hanover County. Applications from surrounding counties are accepted, but are not given priority over New Hanover County applicants.

(Daughters and granddaughters of CFGC members may reside out of town and are treated the same as a daughter or granddaughter who lives in town.)

A young lady may only serve as a belle one year.

A young lady who wishes to be a belle may not participate in the Azalea Festival Teenage Princess Pageant in the same year she serves as a belle.

Contact for questions:

Upcoming Events

  • November 20th 6:30 – 9 PM – Bow Making Workshop -RSVP to Hillary McNeir
  • December 1st – Awards must be received by this date!
  • December 14th, 2 – 4 PM – Christmas Tea
  • January
  • April 13-15, 2018 – Cape Fear Garden Club Azalea Garden Tour ©
  • February 11, 2025 – Our Centennial