2014 Azalea Garden Tour Preview


For the Love of Gardening

Cape Fear Garden Club’s 61st Annual Garden Tour©

Friday – Sunday, April 11 – 13, 2014 in Wilmington, NC


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#1 Melissa Corbett
111 Brookwood Avenue

This charming brick home is adorned and defined with carefully pruned Ficus that covers the walls. Note the different garden ornaments that are nestled in the leaves. A graceful Live Oak shades the front walk that is lined with Ligustrum and variegated Pittosporum. A fountain gurgles on the front lawn for ambience. A beautiful stone walkway to the back garden is anchored with a vine-covered arbor and surrounded with beautiful pots. Note the river rocks in the low stonewall and column. The charming back garden is divided into garden rooms including two seating areas shaded by Yoshino Cherry trees and divided by Camellias, Mahonia and Cephalotaxus. Discover the delightful garden house tucked in the corner. Fabulous pots and garden ornaments greet you at every turn. Did you find the tree frog? This is a gardener’s garden with many unusual cultivars and combinations. The variegation in the leaves of the Farfugiums and Aucubas lights up the shade, while all of the plantings combine and entwine with each other to create paradise.


#2 Lynn & Sam Leake
20 Forest Hills Drive

A manicured front lawn with a boxwood edged formal rose garden frames this charming home. Over the past seven years the owners have gradually reclaimed the garden and infused it with their own relaxed informal style. Many of the garden plants are original. An eclectic mix of Palms, Bananas, Daruma, Loropetalum, Formosa Azalea, and Japanese Maples fill the front beds. A large hedge of Osmanthus edges the driveway. Beautiful pierced brick walls lead you to the back garden. Your eye is drawn down the brick path to the purple door on the garden house. The nearby play area is cushioned with sand and Giant Liriope surrounds and defines it. The original brick “oyster roast” was saved and continues to be used as it was in the past. A lovely pine shaded brick patio allows the homeowners to lounge in comfort. Favorite plants surrounding the patio include, Forest Pansy, Ruby Falls and Oklahoma Redbud trees under planted with Farfugium giganteum, Liriope and Ferns. Black Panda, Dwarf Bamboo, Black Bamboo, Pixie Loropetalum, Airlie Blush and Mildred Azalea as well as Encore Azaleas are just a few of the plants scattered artistically throughout the garden.


#3 Dalia & Israel Nir
413 Forest Hills Drive

Towering pines and Live Oaks dripping with Spanish moss shade hundreds of that edge and meander throughout this lovely corner property. This Tudor style brick home was built in 1935. Multiple seating areas with brightly colored furniture dot the garden. Varied color schemes pull each area together. Stop and rest under the vine-covered gazebo. Would you like to lounge or dine, in sun or in shade? The homeowner’s have given you so many appealing choices. Don’t miss the mermaid who reclines in splendor on a garden bench. The circular brick dining patio was carefully placed under the shade of an ancient Live Oak. Lawn furniture is casually scattered on the grass for additional seating. Nearby are three Sasanqua Camellias beautifully pruned to expose their trunks and make them into graceful trees. Note the well-established azaleas as well as the Encore Azaleas. Complete your tour along brick edged gravel paths that guide you through the garden past Camellia beds outlined with Mondo grass.


#4 Michelle & David Zumbro
738 Forest Hills Drive

This stately traditional home is set behind a circular drive and shaded by stately pines and oaks. Beautiful iron gates lead through brick and stuccoed walls to the upper terrace. Billowing curtains frame the matching iron work that trims the balcony. Curved stairs lead down to a spacious terrace outside the sunroom. Mature Camellias, Azaleas and Mahonias enhanced with bulbs and perennials decorate the garden beds along with new plantings of Encore Azaleas. A beautiful antique planter is in a prominent spot for viewing from the terrace and the balcony. The second walled terrace opens to frame a stunning two tiered flowing cherub fountain surrounded by a wide circular brick walkway. A new swimming pool and hot tub add a marvelous ambience to this area of the garden. An outdoor shower that the owners love to use is sited nearby. The new dining area sits perfectly on its own terrace to overlook the fountain, pool and hot tub surrounded by lush mature plantings. Dinner anyone?


#5 Jane & Tom Maloy
2521 Mimosa Place

This lovely English style home was built in the 1930’s as a wedding gift to Oliver Hutaff from his parents.  Emerald Green Arborvitae flank the stone walk leading across the driveway to huge Rosemary plants. A large Gingko biloba shades a stone walkway and sitting area filled with potted plants that enhance the front entrance.  Pruned boxwood is a theme throughout the front and back landscape.  A Chinese Elm stands in front of the side garden, which is filled with 2 large old Camellias and surrounded by perennials.  Intricate iron gates lead to the back garden that is defined by handsome pierced brick walls.  Many lovely planted pots and troughs are carefully placed throughout.  A charming garden shed and sitting area were added circa 2000, complete with a sink and a Glo-Fire stove to provide heat and water for tea.  Notice the stunning trunk of the Crepe Myrtle at the back corner of the house.  A restful shaded living and dining patio is sited perfectly for the owner’s enjoyment as they sip their mint juleps and chat with friends.


#6 Alicia & Robert Keith
1633 Country Club Road

Built in 2008, this lovely brick home is perfectly situated on the Cape Fear Country Club Golf Course. Two enormous Live Oaks shade the Azaleas and Dogwoods in the front landscape while white Crepe Myrtles and a Podocarpus hedge line the driveway. Along the porch, a gravel path leads to a bubbling fountain garden with lovely plantings. Pyracantha is trained on an espalier and clipped into a beautiful shape against the garage wall. Follow the mulched path through tall Magnolias to enter the back garden. The covered back terrace has a comfortable lounging area complemented by a fireplace for those cool evenings. An outdoor kitchen is located at the other end of the terrace with an herb garden planted in raised beds right next to the cook for culinary use. The lower stone terrace is interspersed with Thymus vulgaris to soften the look and add a relaxing scent. Masses of Crepe Myrtles, Loropetalum, Spirea, Knock Out Roses, and Hydrangeas fill the beds and frame the view to the fairway beyond. Enjoy this elegant and relaxing garden.


#7 Belsam & Dennis Henneke
2412 Gillette Drive

Belsam fell in love with the plants in this garden when she and her husband purchased their home in 2006. To honor the former owner, the couple have carefully preserved and transplanted hundreds of mature plants. Dogwoods, Crepe Myrtles, Chinese Elm, Cryptomeria, tall Pines and Podocarpus shade the front garden complementing the old Camellias, Azaleas, Burford Hollies and many more that form the tapestry underneath. The owner loves to use a circle motif, which you will recognize multiple times throughout the garden. Within the first circle are Boxwood hedges filled with Roses. The 2nd circle is grass edged with Boxwood and perennials. The third circle is designed for the fire pit. Centered in the backyard is a rose covered arbor with a large wicker swing surrounded by plantings. A fountain designed and built by the owner gurgles in front of the swing. Check out the window wells, Belsam has used them as the perfect place for luxuriantly planted pots. This garden even reflects the neighbor’s garden as the street side planting showcases ribbons of Liriope curving around lush planting beds with six Twilight Crepe Myrtles chosen to mirror the neighbor’s matching trees. Enjoy this beautiful site that demonstrates the homeowner’s passion and love of gardening.


#8 Jackie & Jay Loney
3806 Garden Avenue

This meticulously maintained garden is a tropical gem. Jay is the Palm and Cycad guru with seven Palms and three Cycads he has personally found and planted; some never seen before in Wilmington. Jackie’s plant knowledge enhances the garden with incredible color, texture and design. Her plant palette includes Autumn and Japanese Beech Ferns, Farfugiums, Hydrangeas, Pringles Dwarf Podocarpus, Camellias, Weeping Threadleaf Arborvitae, Cryptomeria j. ‘Black Dragon’ to name a few. The gate to the back garden is framed by two potted Weeping Alaskan Cedars with a three tiered fountain framed perfectly in the gate opening. Many other water features continue this theme of sound and tranquility. Multiple sitting areas provide different views of this exquisite garden. The owners love to relax and feed their koi in the front pond nestled beside an iron footbridge. At night the garden is filled with strategically placed lights that highlight the lush plantings. The heat from these lights performs a dual function as protection for some of the tender palms during cold nights. Enjoy this tropical paradise.


#9 Suzanne & Hormoze Goudarzi
7509 Masonboro Sound Road

This beautiful contemporary home was designed by well-known architect George Goudarzi, brother of the homeowner. Gazing down the driveway gives a sense of the elegance gracing this gorgeous waterfront home. Lining the right side of the driveway is an allee of Crepe Myrtles under planted with gold Lantana echoed on the left side by an allee of Magnolias. Two enormous curves of Carissa Holly on the entrance and exit side of the driveway are filled with Daylilies and Hosta and define the center planting bed. At the end of the center bed is a mass of Knock Out Roses edged with red Barberry. Groups of Sabal Palms under planted with Hydrangeas and Pittosporum stand sentinel at the entrance to the forecourt. A circle within a circle within a circle is the theme of the forecourt with the inner circle being a mass of, of course, roses. Hormoze shows his love of perennials, tropical plants and roses by the sheer number that he has planted in the front garden. Multiple Fig Trees and more tropical plants line the driveway to the back garden. Live Oaks dripping with moss frame the view all the way to the Intercoastal Waterway. What a wonderful place to stroll and enjoy the beauty of the coast.


#10 Nina & Robbie Hill
7919 Masonboro Sound Road

This  stunning waterfront property, built in 2006, carefully preserved the Live Oaks, Camellias and Azaleas that were so lovingly planted by the previous owner. Gorgeous plantings of Magnolias, Yoshino Cherry trees, Chinese Elms, Red Buds and Crepe Myrtles frame the house.  Nina loves to garden and has built beautiful raised beds for her crops of tomatoes and vegetables.  She has a special recipe for a wonderful soil mixture that produces fabulous results.  She also has a small greenhouse for early vegetable seedlings.  The balconies and terraces along the back of the house look out to the stunning view of the Intercoastal Waterway.  Don’t miss the ha-ha which helps preserve their view.  Carefully preserved Live Oaks grace the property with Southern charm. The pool area includes a large covered terrace with seating as well as a full kitchen and dining area. Surrounded by lush palms and tropical plantings, this is the perfect retreat for family and friends to enjoy.


#11 Rhonda & Jim Schoolfield
130 Beagle Trail

Tall Live Oaks and pines shade the long driveway approaching the Schoolfield’s home. Built in 1966, Beagle Trail was named for the dogs that were bred by the previous owners. Japanese Maples, three Purple Leaf Plums and a Butia Palm stand over a front garden filled with Ferns, Azaleas, Aucuba, Aspidistra, Gardenia, Cycads and Dwarf Palmetto. While strolling to the back garden, take note of the beautifully trimmed jasmine framing the garage. The owners enjoy a lovely shaded patio complete with chandelier that overlooks the pool and garden. An interesting feature of the pool is the fence formed with panels of jasmine. The back yard rolls out in the distance behind the pool to a park like setting. Nestled in the woods is a charming garden house. This is the perfect destination for a quiet retreat.


#12 Alison & Don Getz
6233 Tortoise Lane
“The Bali House”

Enter this tropical paradise that was designed and planted by Don and Alison Getz. Both the walled guesthouse garden and the walled main house garden reflect the owners’ passion for Bali. In fact the guesthouse is named the Bali House. Lounge on the porch of this lovely guesthouse and you are surrounded by soft music and water cascading into a stunning Koi filled pond. The garden is filled with tropical plants including many Palms, Bamboo and Japanese Maples. Skillfully placed Balinese statuary, including an unusual walking Buddha, were collected by the homeowners’ on their trips to Southeast Asia. The walled garden of the main house is designed around another stunning pool and water feature enhanced by the head of a Buddha statue. Palm trees, bamboo and an enormous Fatsia japonica enhance the sitting and dining areas complimented by more of the Getz’s collection of Balinese statuary. This garden is truly an inspiration and reflection of paradise. It will be difficult to tear yourself away from the tranquility and beauty that surrounds you.


#13 Airlie Gardens (Saturday & Sunday Only)
300 Airlie Road

Filled with over 100,000 azaleas, statuary and camellias, this magnificent 67 acre quintessential southern garden includes the 467 year old Airlie Oak and ten acres of fresh water lakes. This historic garden offers a valuable cultural and ecological component to the area and has delighted visitors for over 100 years.  With grants from the Cape Fear Garden Club the beauty of Airlie continues to grow for all to enjoy.

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